Emerging Disciplines

We take your mission to heart and excel at it. We’re confident that every program we execute will enable you to knock it out of the park. At Changeis, we’re experts in developing, testing, and validating the tools that matter to you. We see the future in emerging disciplines like Intelligent Transportation Systems/Connected Autonomous Vehicles (ITS/CAV). We develop standards and architecture that solve real-world operational challenges to optimize safety and performance at the transportation crossroads of man/machine interface.

Want your goods to arrive on time amidst today’s complexity? Our innovative Supply Chain Solutions will turn chaos into on-time deliveries. We do the thought leadership, so you can make an impact.

We make Spectrum Analysis Models that separate aircraft and connect your people – on time, in real-time. Our solutions help you solve industry problems by applying emerging disciplines—just the right blend of expert modeling know-how, domain expertise, technical discipline, data analytics, cloud computing, and talent to create solutions to help people perform at their best.

What about that next critical meeting? We take your meeting to the next level, the one you’ll remember long after everyone returns to their daily routine. Whether it’s crafting the right strategy, building an agenda that moves your team, or aligning technology to make sure everyone is in the know—our Meeting Management and Event Planning experts are there for you. We can also provide training, guidance, and coaching for individuals who manage their own meetings.

Emerging disciplines are innovative practices that go beyond conventional approaches. Bold moves. Systematic thinking. Working across boundaries. And a willingness to break with tradition. Emerging disciplines require new types of team collaboration and new ways of using data and information to improve performance and outcomes, creating opportunities to deliver additional value.

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