Enterprise Technology Solutions

All of our core competencies have one thing in common, the importance of the people involved. Enterprise Technology Solutions is no different. It’s our people that know how to solve hard problems. It’s our people with the deep knowledge to recommend helpful solutions. It’s our people that have the extensive experience to implement those solutions. It’s our people that can clearly describe each of these pieces to stakeholders that may not be technical. Whether your team has aging infrastructure or the latest hybrid computing, custom code or customized COTS products, strong internal processes or not, Changeis brings the expertise to help you meet your Enterprise Technology goals.

Adding DevOps tooling to a COTS product to streamline custom coding

Within the U.S. Department of Transportation, Changeis was involved with implementing a large COTS product to replace a legacy mainframe system that had failed two prior attempts to be replaced. Once the system was fully operational, Changeis took the lead in streamlining the ability for development teams to interact with this system programmatically to add new functionality. So rather than spending weeks to stand up a new development environment by hand, the DevOps team established tools that would create a stand-alone development environment, including a multi-GB database in less than an hour.

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