Changeis Inc. Awarded $103M FAA ATO Technical Analysis and Program Support (ATAPS II) Contract

Changeis Inc. Awarded $103M FAA ATO Technical Analysis and Program Support (ATAPS II) Contract


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Arlington, VA, July 2, 2024

Changeis, Inc., a leading management consulting and technology services firm, announced today that it surpassed seven (7) other bidders to be awarded the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Technical Analysis and Program Support II (ATAPS II) Contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ATO is the operational arm of the FAA, comprising 35,000 air traffic controllers, technicians, engineers and support personnel. As the air navigation service provider, the ATO is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of nearly 45,000 IFR-certified flights per day through the most complex airspace in the world.

Under this $103M contract award, Changeis will support multiple directorates within the ATO, each playing a crucial role delivering the FAA’s mission:

  • Air Traffic Services (AJT): Manages air traffic control operations for the National Airspace System and international airspace assigned to U.S. control.
  • Management Services (AJG): Provides business management support, prioritizing resources and improving processes across the ATO.
  • Mission Support Services (AJV): Oversees shared technical and program services, promoting standardization of processes across the ATO.
  • Program Management Organization (AJM): Manages programs that transform, modernize, and sustain the National Airspace System, including NextGen initiatives.
  • Safety & Technical Training (AJI): Implements proactive safety management and enhances education and training for ATO personnel.
  • System Operations Services (AJR): Provides overall management for air traffic flow, system performance analysis, and national flight service functions.
  • Technical Operations (AJW): Ensures safe and efficient air navigation services and infrastructure management.
  • Flight Program Operations (AJF): Manages all aspects of FAA flight programs, including aviation safety training and flight inspections.

Changeis’ support will span across a wide range of technical analysis, planning, and management support activities crucial to air traffic management:

  • Technical Analysis: support aviation software systems, analyze data from air traffic tracking systems, and assist the National Flight Data Center. This work aims to enhance the efficiency and safety of the National Airspace System.
  • ICAO Support: coordinate U.S. involvement with the International Civil Aviation Organization, managing documentation and participating in international meetings. This effort supports the FAA’s engagement in global aviation standards.
  • Air Traffic GPS Support: coordinate GPS testing, track interference, and manage information dissemination. This work is crucial for maintaining the reliability of GPS-dependent air traffic systems.
  • Crisis Response and Emergency Operations Support: assist with flight security programs and support crisis response activities. This work contributes to the FAA’s security and emergency response capabilities.
  • JATOC Event Investigation Management Support: conduct analyses of significant aviation events to support the Joint Air Traffic Operations Command. This work aims to improve air traffic safety through thorough incident investigation.

Changeis will contribute to program management and operational concept development, particularly in advancing next generation capabilities. The company will also provide a comprehensive suite of managerial and administrative services to include program analysis, data analytics, business and financial planning, and strategic support. The company will assist in developing business plans, conducting data-driven analysis, and supporting budget formulation and execution activities.

Changeis is honored to continue our long-standing partnership with the FAA in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS). We are excited to see our support expand throughout the ATO in transforming and delivering the FAA’s mission. Our team brings the deep knowledge of the mission, critical subject matter expertise, and a commitment to customer success.

           Varun Malhotra, President, Changeis, Inc.

About Changeis

Changeis, Inc. is an award-winning, woman-owned small business that provides management consulting and engineering services to the public sector. Changeis’ work has resulted in successful execution of numerous programmatic initiatives, development of enterprise systems, and execution of a variety of long-term strategic priorities for its customers. Changeis focuses on delivering unparalleled expertise in the areas of enterprise technology solutions, mission support, strategic communication and training, and emerging disciplines.

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