Urvashi Malhotra

Urvashi manages company operations and oversees Changeis management teams, employees, vendors, and consultants. She is actively involved in customer engagements, providing leadership on strategy, implementation and quality assurance. Heavily engaged in building customer relationships to ensure customer satisfaction and earn new business, Urvashi was awarded the U.S. Women’s 2016 Chamber of Commerce Innovation & Performance Award.

Urvashi has nearly 20 years of business management experience, specializing in econometrics and financial modeling, as well as complex data analysis and management. With a master’s degree in business administration, as well as bachelor’s degrees in both finance and economics, Urvashi has served in leadership roles for the South Asian Business Alliance and Emerging Markets Network, and as a member of the Certified Financial Analysts Institute, the Project Management Institute, the Service Design Network, and U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Urvashi is also a devoted wife and mother of two.