The mission of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Volpe Center is to advance transportation innovation for the public good. A unique federal agency of DOT, the Volpe Center serves as an objective advisor to transportation agencies. In collaboration with key partners like Changeis, it offers research, technical and program expertise to help build a better, safer and more efficient transportation system. The Volpe Center is divided into four technical centers:

  • Air Traffic Systems and Operations
  • Infrastructure Systems and Technology
  • Policy, Planning and Environment
  • Safety Management and Human Factors

Changeis’ reputation for service quality at DOT’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) led to its first contracts with the Volpe Center. Under these, Changeis provides inventory management for the FAA’s Field Spares Inventory (FSI) program and capital investment analysis support for the FAA’s Capital Expenditures Office.

Inventory Management

The FSI program manages inventory records of National Airspace System (NAS) exchange and repair spare parts held in field facilities. These parts are used to maintain the Air Traffic Control equipment that ensures the safety of U.S. civilian aviation. The FAA must achieve an optimal balance of parts availability with warehouse storage space for maximum efficiency.

To meet these objectives, Changeis provides data management, analytics, strategic planning and systems integration (DASPSI) services at a total of 54 sites nationwide. This assistance includes enhancing and maintaining management systems and tools; developing communication materials; and providing field support for conducting asset inventories.

Capital Investment Analysis

Under the Volpe Capital Investment Analysis Support IDIQ, Changeis provides specialized expertise to the FAA Capital Expenditures Program Office. Specifically, we implement practices and procedures that will reduce cost overruns and eliminate deficiency risks associated with Reimbursable Agreements. Our team develops standards; prepares and publishes effective and accurate reports; and updates, maintains and modifies FAA Reimbursable Agreement Accounting Systems.

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