Supplier Strategy for IT Innovation

October 17, 2016

The complexity of managing supplier portfolios, coupled with the need to apply cost saving strategies, often leads organizations to contract with a small group of suppliers. While initiatives such as Federal Category Management and other approaches may improve efficiency and cost savings, they may also inhibit a wider range of innovative ideas and practices that can result from a larger group of smaller, more diverse suppliers. A recent MIT Sloan Management Review publication, The Long-Tail Strategy for IT Outsourcing, describes an approach Read More

Strategy & Transformation Management

Strategy & Transformation Management

To think strategically, to plan strategically, and to execute strategically are fundamental capabilities that lead to the overall success of an organization. Read More

Investment Analysis & Acquisition Management

Investment Analysis & Acquisition Management

Geared primarily toward our government clients, we help organizations develop business cases to obtain resources to implement their strategic plans and Read More



We know that the health of an organization’s projects is the most significant indicator of its effectiveness. Success in any organization is tied to its ability to execute plans, Read More



When examining all of the activities that take place in your organization, can you or have you identified those that provide the greatest value and those that provide the least Read More

Thought Leadership

Agile Methodologies and the Federal Acquisition Regulation

This is the first article in a 3-article series on integrating Agile methodologies within the context of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. This article focuses on the Requirements Development and Acquisition Planning phase of the acquisition lifecycle. Far too often Federal Government digital service projects fall short of their goals for a variety of different reasons; one such explanation being a narrow interpretation of the Federal Acquis Read More

Government Social Media Impact

Social media is a powerful tool for organizations of all types, including governments. Government agencies can use social media to interact with people and other organizations, raise awareness about key issues, deliver important messages to citizens and more. In order to gain the most benefit from social media use, government agencies must strategically plan social media implementation and then continuously improve the quality of social media out Read More

Risk Management Lessons from the GAO

The National Defense Authorization Act directed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to annually assess a sampling of Department of Defense (DOD) major automated information system (MAIS) programs. The act requires that the GAO assess programs in terms of cost, schedule and performance targets, risk management practices, and acquisition best practices. This article summarizes some key risk management lessons from the recent review of the De Read More

"Real" Best Practices for Successful Supply Chain Management

Businesses, large and small, care about keeping the supply chain from point A to B as seamless as possible. According to the article, “Real Best Practices for Supply Chain Optimization,” a supply chain is not limited to the movement of products from manufacturing to consumer, but "supply chain optimization” touches numerous parts of an organization:  “Materials, information, and finances flow through a process from raw ma Read More

Gavin Newsom's Citizenville and Next Generation Government

Many advocates in both government and private enterprise seek to bring about a transformation to the relationship between government and citizenry. Recently, one of the highest profile figures in state government has led a charge to create the next generation of government-public interaction through technology. Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California and former San Francisco mayor, released the book Citizenvi Read More


Changeis is a consulting firm that specializes in the areas of strategy and transformation management; investment analysis and acquisition; governance; and innovation and R&D management. We collaborate with clients in public and private organizations to identify opportunities, manage resources, address challenges, and transform their organizations.

For our government clients:

Primary NAICS codes:

  • 541611 (Management and General Consulting)
  • 611710 (Educational Support Services)
  • 541511 (Custom Computer Programming Services)
  • 541330 (Engineering Services)
  • 541219 (Other Accounting Services)
  • 541690 (Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services)

Changeis is an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)

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